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What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an intentional practice of cultivating awareness both internally and externally. There is a variety of techniques for practicing mindfulness.  The common components of any mindfulness practice are: creating the intention; utilizing a focusing device (such as the breath); non-judgment; and self-compassion.  Over time, the results are increased self-awareness and emotional regulation; improved concentration and memory; improved creativity and ability to see the larger picture while simultaneously staying present.  There are also many physical and emotional benefits such as improved immune functioning and decreased stress, anxiety and depression, among others.

Mindfulnesss for Businesses

Our Workplace Mindfulness Training delivers improved stress resilience, energy, accuracy and job satisfaction —investments that benefit the business as a whole in terms of improved staff retention, teamwork, and team building, for enhanced everyday business productivity and performance.

Harvard Business Review

"Cites scientific research showing how daily mindfulness training offers businesses "enormous advantage for leaders in fast paced, high- pressure jobs."

Mindfulness for Children

Children of all ages can benefit from mindfulnessthe simple practice of bringing a gentle accepting attitude to the present moment. It can help parents and caregivers, too, by promoting happiness and relieving stress.

Benefits of Mindfulness













Mindfulness in the Community

Mindfulness Training contributes to community health and wellness in organizations ranging from hospitals (St.Michael's in Toronto and John Hopkins in the U.S.) to women's centres to public service non-profits such as Good Shepherd.


Who We Are

Incorporating mindfulness, yoga, & meditation, are vital tools to enhance workplace wellbeing and community health for diverse individuals and groups, while supporting cultural transformation and social change.

Mariana Cuitino

Mariana is passionate about bringing awareness to individuals of all age groups on the workings of wellness. Having graduated as  holistic nutritionist and then becoming a yoga and meditation instructor she realized the benefits of her mindfulness practices and how it evolved her experience not only as an entrepreneur but as an individual as well. This fed her passion for helping others gain the mindfulness tools that brings about transformation.


Pamela Chimenti

Pamela is a  passionate advocate for mindfulness as an extremely effective method of improving health and well-being for herself and others. Pamela studied Psychology at The University of Toronto which led her to a position at the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto.  Later she transitioned into the business world, running a thriving company for over 15 years. She is a certified yoga and meditation instructor with the International Yoga Alliance. Co Founding the Mindfulness Group has given Pamela a place to blend her love of business and passion.


"Mindfulness and meditation has reduced my stress levels, anxiety, tension and self doubt. Through my time spent with Pamela and Mariana I have gained patience, a greater sense of gratitude and learned how to live in the now."


- Stephanie P, Lease Administrator


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